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Buying Tickets from Spanish Kicks

Buying Tickets – What to Expect

So that you know what to expect when you buy tickets from us, and to avoid any misunderstandings, the terms of our ticket service are as follows:

Spanish Football Ticket Delivery

We will arrange to meet you at your hotel and deliver your tickets by hand. Our rep will also provide you with full details and assistance on travel to the stadium and tips on how to get the most from your stay at your location. Exceptionally, if that is not convenient for you, we will leave your tickets at your hotel reception.

Careful with arrangements for the Liga games! All Spanish league games are scheduled initially for Sunday kick-offs, but can be brought forward to the Saturday depending on local TV negotiations or whether teams have midweek UEFA ties the following week. Kick-offs are usually at 2000 to 2200, but can be as early as 1700. As fixture switches are usually only announced 7 or 8 days before the game, it is essential you stay the nights of Saturday and Sunday if you wish to book in advance.

Buying Football Tickets with Spanish Kicks:

(a) When groups book football tickets with us we always try to get the group sitting together in a block or a line. For the top Spanish matches however (especially Real Madrid and Barcelona home and away matches, and especially when one of the teams is in contention to win the competition in question) this is not always possible.

Therefore we cannot guarantee that groups will always be seated together.

We believe the following comments provide valuable additional information about tickets and encourage groups to be aware of these points:

(b) “Ownership” of seating at Spanish Football Matches.

Season ticket holders (in fact “members” or “Shareholders” in Spain) and supporters clubs at top clubs in Spain have priority of choice on almost all of the seats and the privilege of making that choice up to just a few days before kick off. In fact, in the case of most clubs (including Barcelona and Real Madrid) the clubs “belong” to their members (who are voting shareholders) and therefore the seats “belong” to those members (specific seats are allocated to members). The amount of free seating available for a given match will always depend on members contacting the club to say they will not be attending the match and offering their seats for sale. Therefore, except in certain sections, it is not even in the power of the offices of the clubs themselves to organise tickets for groups all blocked together. These rules are the same for all agencies offering tickets and therefore anyone purchasing tickets should be wary of organisations who make a blanket guarantee of “seating together”.

(c) The following paragraph appears on the web site of FC Barcelona (


For matches where there is a high demand for tickets it is very difficult to get seats next to each other.
The club depends on the seats that season ticket holders put on sale, and members do not usually put two or more adjacent seats on sale at the same time.

Our recommendation is that you buy tickets that are reasonably close together (e.g. the same zone), so that you can still see each other and go to the same catering area at half time.

Here at the club we encourage you not to miss out on the experience of a game at the Camp Nou just because you can’t sit together. Being surrounded by Barça supporters can also be a unique way of experiencing the amazing atmosphere at the Camp Nou.

(d) Our commitment to seating at football matches:

We cannot guarantee that groups will always be seated in a block or line (“with no spaces in between members of the same group”). We can often provide seating all together in one block or line.

We can almost always provide:

  • (i) seating for whole group the in same section of the ground, OR
  • (ii) seating in subgroups of 2 or 3 together.

In the case of groups of 6 or more, we give priority to type (i) distribution above type (ii). That means that for groups of 6 + we assume they prefer to be all in same section (even if not seated in 2′s and 3′s) than to be in 2′s and 3′s but not in the same section (please see section C).

(e) Use of plastic swipe card (“members cards”).

Often, and especially for sold out matches, and matches with Saturday kick-offs, access to seating will be through the use of plastic swipe cards (“members’ cards”), which are loaned for the match with the consent of club members. In these cases, cards must be returned to our staff immediately after the match at an agreed meeting point. Use of members cards usually provides the best seating available at top matches. For many top matches (e.g the games between Real Madrid and Barcelona) very few paper tickets are even printed (as very few members relinquish their seats) so swipe cards are almost the only option.

(f) Prices

The prices we charge per ticket for our service is usually considerably higher than the price printed on a given ticket (usually by a factor of 1.5 – 8). We believe it is self evident why that is that case. Our delivery staff, guides or agents will not enter into any discussions before, during or after delivery regarding the prices paid and the price printed on the ticket.