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Barcelona take care of business v Osasuna (5-1)

Barcelona take care of business v Osasuna (5-1)

Tickets for Barcelona matchesA Barcelona procession, the match was affected adversely by a bad refereeing decision when Arribas was sent off and a penalty awarded in the first half with the match at 1-1. With 10 men there was never any chance of Osauna competing.  Messi knocked 4 goals in.

Pleasingly for Barcelona, Villa’s pace on the left set up lots of chances, some of them converted by Messi.

Pre-match comments and forecast

Match: Barcelona v Osasuna, La Liga (Spanish League First Division) 27 January 2013

Stadium: Camp Nou, Barcelona

Blogger and commentweetor:  James Bogie.

Type of ticket and seating of our commentator: Category Two tickets (Behind goals)

Barcelona Team:  Valdés; Mascherano, Puyol, Adriano, Alves; Xavi, Thiago, Busquets; Pedro, Villa y Messi.

Expected Osasuna Team: Who cares ?

Barcelona bounced back from their glitch in Vigo with a blistering away win at Malaga. We now face the tedium of 2 more clásicos in lesser competitions in the Copa del Rey semi-finals. Barcelona must guard against over confidence. Not. So there is little chance of the Pamplona boys getting within 3 goals of Barcelona.

Prematch Blog by our commentweetor

This is James Bogie in Barcelona. A pleasure to be back in Barcelona and especially to enjoy its bars and restaurants. Tweeting out to Thiago Alcantara who I semi bumped into in a “Cafe Central ” in Sarria last night, near the garage, where the Espanyol stadium used to be.  This was the site of the Italy 3 Brazil 2 group stage match in  the 1982 World Cup.  He’s a nice lad. This was just pre Gin and Tonics at “Gimlet”. “Hola Jamesie” he cried as I warmed myself on one of the outdoor butano heaters that have sprung up all over Barcelona since the smoking ban in Spain.

I had a great day in Barcelona yesterday, celebrating Andy Murray’s presence in the Aussie Open final (also a  great day for Scottish tennis with two Joks in the final). I got my hair cut at the Pakistani place in Calle Margarit, Poble Sec (Yo Zaheer, big man !) I’d arranged to meet some friends for lunch at La Tomaquera, Carrer de Margarit, 58 (best in Barcelona for steak and crayfish casserole – guiso de cigalas) but, predictably, we all rolled up late, the worse for ware, and there was a long queue.  So it was off in a cab to El Racó de la Vila in Poblenou for ridicuously good gambas a la sal and an entrecot.   After paying the bill (thanks Spanish Kicks!) I walked past a signed photo of Inny (Andrés Iniesta) – yes, Inny holding up the palms of both hands. That was an omen, so I am predicting ten goals from Iniesta down the left tonight.

I have been asked by Manchester United fans looking for tickets for Real  Madrid v Man Utd on 13th February in Madrid.  I’ll be there and tickets are available here. There are also tickets available for El Clasico in La Copa del Rey and El Clasico in La Liga.

Tweetings also to Jean and Heather, who indulged in a cocktail tasting masterclass organised in El Born Barcelona yesterday by SpanishKicks.

I’ll be following up with more pre-match in an hour or two, but right now we are off to the George Payne to watch Murray v Djokovitch, Murray has won the first set, rather surprisingly. Looking forward to a few pints then a long Catalan lunch, can’t wait to start munching on those calçots.  Oh, and the Real Madrid game against Getafe is also on at midday here, we’ll have a laught at that one. This is almost as good as the Japan/Korea World Cup.

I am just posting my predition for the teams. I hope my boy Thiago will play, he’s a good guy. Now in a cab from Sant Gervasi to the Nou Camp. Nothing worse than L’Eixample in traffic, why did they build that infernal grid? Murray predictably got gubbed after being one set and 0-40 break point up, it was night-night after that. He probably has his mind set on a few Bundy’s and the Cogee Bay Hotel  (oops that is Sydo, not Melbo).

What a lunch and what a long lunch. Parillada Argentina at Los Años Locos in Mariá Cubi (Sant Gervasi). Copious Roja, pacharán, profiteroles. The onion sooup was also superb, but not in that order.  All set for the match, I am looking forward to Barcelona handing out a drubbing to the Pamplona whipping boys.  Real Madrid won 4-0, not much new there.  I am sure the Madrid faithful were moved to spirited applause at the end.

I have just posted the teams and Inny isn’t playing. I am now trying to sell my ticket outside the ground. Only problem at the Nou Camp is even if you sell your ticket outside the ground, you have to walk for half an hour to get to the pub. What an infernal place to play football. What a windy, historic dump the Nou Camp is, and I can only say I am glad Dundee United gubbed you 2-1 in 1987, my first match at this hallowed shite hole. Oops, I digress, am now inside the “valla” (fence), sort of Berlin Wall you have to enter before being allowed to approach the turnstiles. So traumatised were the bourgeois catalans by the visit from Rangers fans in the early 70’s. They built a wall.  Nice. here I go, up the concrete steps, past the butifarra stand and out the vomitorio  on to the terraces of the NOOOUUU CAAAAMP.

Minute by Minute Report: Barcelona v Osasuna

Dear Twitterlings, thanks for signing up for this spaniskicks tweetcast, Barcelona v Osasuna
I am in the land of butifarra and Moritz, looking forward to a great match tonight. Villa is back, and that must be good.
Great to be back in Barcelona, and great to see Villa back, he must stay at Barça!  He is from Asturias and his granny is called Trotsky..
I would also like to tweet out to the Ruffians who stole my souvenirs on the Ramblas  in 1987 after the Dundee Utd match. Bring on the Forfar!
There is sense of purposeful disinterest among the Catalan football cognescenti  re this match, bizarrely, the copa del rey is proving more sexy
I am sitting in the Camp Nou (2a graderia) they’ve put me in the Japanese schoolgirl section. I hope they don’t mistake me for Beckham
Brill atmo, if smallish attendance, this is going to be quite a night…
Just nipping back ip to the top to get a beer…
Even half full the Camp Nou is a picture. There is not much difference between your average Barça fan and an empty seat…
Players on the pitch, it’s #totsalcamp, the stadium has filled up and the lovely japanese ladies next to me are quite excited
It’s either the glamour of Barça or my #postprandialpacharanwhiff
Feeling quite ratarsed and can see the Tibidabo thing shining above Barcelona up on the hill
Always an impressive moment when they play #totsalcamp,
0-0 Barça kick off
Osasuna in unusual light blue, hope that is nothing to do with man city
saw some amazing shots of the italian air force bombarding Barcelona in  1937 in the paper yesterday. Not very nice
5′ My man Thiago almost scored, nice try from the Sarria coffee-supper…
Barsa attacking, it’s all fairly leisurely, Osasuna are trying to defend upfield, and postpone the inevitable
10′ 0-0 Barça working way through. Thanks for your tweets and retweets about the match so far. We need a goal by Villa to liven game
12′ goal 1-0 Messi.
Xavi takes the piss, goally parries, Xavi takes the piss, then precision delivery to Messi, who takes the piss and scores…
15′ there is a certain well-mashalled lower division discipline to Osasuna. There, I’ve said it. #cantwait4sanfermines
Osasuna fans way up left, I am pencilling in a trip to the #sanfermines they have chocolate in their beef up there, always good
I am pining for El Born as I know @blancallanoarriaran from Vitoria is there, she was telling me about #monegros2007 last night, besos Blanca!
1-1 Barcelona 1 Osasuna 1. Raul Lole scores from outside the box. Serves Barcelona right for their lazy start to the match
Ridiculously unfair penalty awarded to Barsa
Osasuna defender sent off for accidental handball bad decvision  #loadofshite
2-1 Barcelona. Messi (pen)
That was ridiculous. Arribas should not have been sent off for that. Asi gana el barça….It’s now 10 man Osasuna taking on a lazy Barcelona
The ref is a twat
This match reminds me of Scotland v Costa Rica 1992, videoed and rewatched 4 hrs later, even though you heard the result by mistake,,,
35′ Barcelona are cruising towards the predictable result: 4-1. Let’s hope 10 man Osa can shake it up
It’s #puredanialvez but to no avail. There is a feeling that Barcelona may ease to a 6 goal victory
3-1 Goal Pedro, pure Pedro
Biggest cheer of the night is Puyol belting back to defend after a foray upfield
Barcelona finding it easy to create against the Osasuna defence. 8-1 is possible. Beer time twitterlings
HALF TIME: Great news, been speaking  2 2 lovely japanese ladies who like #BarryWhite that is quality, we are going to Mix in the born later
#thiagoalcantara texted me (he is substitute) to say that the team will all be down in Gava midweek
Any idea what  that means???
Barcelona stroking it around in the second half
The taxi ride from nou camp to el Born will take me almost 40 mins
4-1 MESSI GOAL. Messi’s third goal
Getting ridiculous, balls threaded through to Messi to notch. LM appears to have scored at least 4 goals in this game…not sure though
15′ Sancez on for Pedro
Now preparing a night in the Barrio Gotico.
Thanks for the tweet from @jimmy about @sidecar. Yes good place, so is @razzamatazz
30′ 5-1 Not much to play for.
Good shot by Villa from just outside the box
40′ 5-1 Barcelona looking for the 6th
Osasuna have settled for a 5-1 defeat. The second half has been dull….I am looking forward to the pub, and clubs in Barcelona
Messi gifts Villa a chance which he does not convert…and its all over…how do I het out of here???
Final score Barcelona 5 Osasuna 1
Great game again from Barcelona, pointless match really- I am off to El Born for a good night out
Thanks for all your tweets and retweets twitterlings, speak later

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