Barcelona Lap Dance

Barcelona Lap Dance Strip Club StagYour lads’ stag do won’t be complete without our infamous Barcelona strip bar extravaganza!   Give the tacky overpriced tourist traps a wide berth and let Spanish Kicks take you on an eye-popping spree to the very best of Spain’s raunchy nightlife!  Our experienced (!) guide will help you breeze past the bouncers, sit down with a free cocktail at the bar and enjoy the view!

Barcelona Titty Bars

There are literally dozens of  “gentlemen’s clubs” in Barcelona, located all over the city.  Faced with such a bewildering array of places to take your group, will you stagger into a rip-off joint on Las Ramblas, or even have a late-night taxi take you to some dodgy gaffe on the outskirts of the city?  Going to strip bars abroad can be difficult, so luckily we’re here with our finger on the button to take you to to what you’re looking for without breaking the bank!

Barcelona lap dance strip club stag

Over the years we’ve been selflessly and tirelessly researching the ever-changing strip club scene in Barcelona (it’s been hell).  Our guides know the seedy dives to steer clear of (e.g. anywhere on Las Ramblas), while the fact that we regularly bring groups to more reputable establishments means that when you’re with us, the bouncers and the girls tend to give you better attention.  Whether you’re looking for an upmarket VIP lapdance club with private rooms like you’ve never seen in the UK, or just a fun topless titty bar to have a few drinks and a laugh, we can make it happen, and make sure you get safely back to civilisation afterwards!

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Barcelona Strip Clubs – More details

  • Location:  City centre
  • Available: All year
  • Included: Personal guide, free entry to your choice of high-end lap-dance bars or strip clubs.  One cocktail or mixed drink each.
  • Top Tip:  Barcelona  strip bars are open very late, but often the best live shows happen between midnight and 2am.  Our guide will help you fit the lapdance tour into your night!
  • Contact us: or request a quote!  One of our travel consultants will get in touch!

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