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Real Madrid – The Fixture List

Real Madrid – The Fixture List

Tickets for el clasicoAs you run your fingers down the list of Real Madrid games in the La Liga calendar you will notice that there is a definite pattern to the way that the games are handled.

Most games have a set price which is comparable to watching top clubs in the UK but you will notice that prices tend to increase the closer to the end of the season you get. As ex-Manchester United managerial legend Sir Alex Ferguson liked to describe it – squeaky bum time. The greater the squeak in Spain the more expensive it is to watch the football.

Stand Out Matches Cost a Tad More

Champions League games are much more expensive than your standard league game as befits the leading Football Cup competition in the world. Then we have “El Clásico”. If you want to watch the “Galácticos” you need to be aware the matches with Barcelona and their stars are priced at an out of this world stratospheric level. With standard tickets being priced at almost TEN times the cost of a normal game it really is the stand out fixture. And the game will be sold out.

New Teams to Watch

For me when watching my team I love nothing more than seeing an opposing side I’ve never seen before at my home ground. I get a genuine buzz when the likes of Blackpool, Charlton or Cardiff arrive for a game. Yes, you’ll be expected to win but it’s still fun to watch a new side. Of course in the case of Real Madrid then they will always be expected to win but this season they have new potential canon fodder in Elche, Villareal and Almeria. It’s always exciting to watch a closely fought, tense battle for the three points but sometimes it’s also enjoyable to watch your side knock 6 goals past a team out of their depth. This season you can witness the likes of Elche – who have been out of La Liga for 24 seasons – attempt to upset the applecart and get a result at the Bernabéu. Villareal have bounced back into La Liga at the first attempt after a disappointing relegation in 2011-12. Famously known as “El Submarino Amarillo” or the “Yellow Submarine” they have been a top Spanish side for many years. Arsenal fans may remember Robert Pires leaving North London on a free transfer and plying his trade for Villareal back in 2006. Almeria are a surprise package in that they have only been in existence in their current club format since 1989.

“El Clásico”

The stand out game in the Bernabéu this season and every season is the match with Barcelona. Indeed it is widely considered to be the biggest club game in the world. It is watched live by a huge worldwide audience. Affectionately termed – “El Clásico” – it rarely fails to live up to that billing and is usually a classic. When you consider that Barça have been the most creative, inspirational and skilful side on the planet for the past decade and with Madrid continuing to sign World Class players like Gareth Bale then you have a formula for a fantastic match each and every time these clubs meet. Quite often current form goes out of the window with raw talent and yes at times an aggressive enthusiasm to win the match prevails. In the last five seasons it is Barça who have proved to be the more successful but Real can claim that overall throughout history they have notched up marginally more wins (90 to 86). Of course you are only as good as the games that you can remember and Madridistas will not be pleased that Barça are the more dominant side at the moment. They will be hoping that this season will be different.

Where to Sit

Seating at the Bernabéu is split into three categories. The closer you want to get to the action the more expensive the ticket becomes. Most tickets are either Category 1 or 2, there are some cheaper tickets available in Category 3 but you will find yourself a fair distance from the pitch.

Create Memories of a Lifetime

Whatever you decide to do a visit to the Bernabéu is an amazing experience and one not to be missed if you are visiting Madrid. It really is a memorable place to watch a game of football and I guarantee you will be telling your friends all about it for years to come.

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