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The Online Home of Real Madrid –

The Online Home of Real Madrid –

tickets for Real Madrid GetafeVisitors to the Official Real Madrid website will not be surprised to find that it is informative, professional and easy to use. The web is one of world football’s most visited site which is no surprise given the number of devoted fans garnered since the days of the Galacticos and further back to the legend of the Di Stefano dream team. If ever evidence were needed to prove that the club are truly a worldwide phenomenon then a few minutes browsing this website tells you all you need to know. The website in its entirety is available in Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian. As an English speaking browser you will have no problems navigating its pages since it becomes apparent that it is maintained by staff who are English rather than using somewhat dodgy translation software or relying on Spanish nationals to update it.

Informative, Practical and Interactive

As a football website it gives the reader everything that you could possibly want. It is primarily informative both with regard to events as they happen around the club on a daily basis but also has detailed articles recalling the clubs history. It is practical in that it allows users to buy match day tickets on line along with stadium tour packages which can be bought before arriving at the ground. You will just need to pick up your tickets from a dedicated window at the Bernabéu before making your way into the ground. The website also allows users to connect with other Madridistas or fans of the club via links to all the normal media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and youtube.

Regular Updates

The site is updated on a daily almost hourly basis a lot of the time with lots of photos of training sessions before games and news conferences. Videos are constantly being posted and there really is no excuse for not being kept up to date on your favourite club. As you would expect for a top club the attention to detail on this site is equalled by some top clubs but second to none. There are links to the Real Madrid TV station and game highlights, interviews, daily news and any other relevant news items constantly being updated to their video section.

Madridistas From Around the Globe

Football fans in Spain tend to fall into one of two categories – they are either Barça fans or Madridistas. The two clubs have dominated Spanish football for so long now that children growing up over the last forty years or so have tended to affiliate themselves to these clubs at the expense of more local teams. Similar in a way to a typical Manchester United fan hailing from the home counties or Torquay, many miles from Old Trafford. Success in football inevitably leads to youngsters wanting their team to win every week to naturally follow the bigger teams. That’s not to say they don’t support other clubs but if you travel around Spain particularly you will see Real Madrid supporters clubs dotted everywhere. Normally alcohol and good conversation are not a million miles away. Bars in the most remote, mountainous and extreme parts of the country will be bedecked with Real Madrid scarves and memorabilia very firmly nailing their colours to the mast. This is reflected on the website which has links to literally hundreds of supporters clubs all around the world. Joining up on line will give you access to all sorts of exclusive information, videos and web related games and wallpapers etc.

Club Shop

The prices of the merchandise in the official shop are not for the faint hearted but to be honest are comparable with leading Premier League teams. It is a pleasant surprise to find that delivery costs are low despite the club being based in Spain. Standard delivery for orders up to £100 is just £3.95, if you want your order quicker then it might be better to opt for the express delivery which still isn’t too bad at £5.95 per order. However, it does make a refreshing change to see that if you order goods over £100 then they will send it to you in the UK for free.



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