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Tenth dream fades: Real Madrid 1 Man Utd 1

Tenth dream fades: Real Madrid 1 Man Utd 1

Vist Bernabeu StadiumMadrid’s and Mourinho’s Champions League  ambitions faded last night as Manchester United come away from the first leg with a valuable draw. Real Madrid were unable to take the game by the scruff of the neck despite several goal opportunites for both side that should have added to the first half strikles by Welbeck and Ronaldo.   Madrid are now obliged to score goals at Old Trafford in teh second leg.

Match: Real Madrid v Manchester United, UEFA Champions League, round of 16 first leg, 13 February,  2013

Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

Guest reporter/blogger:  James Bogie.

Type of ticket and seating of our commentator: Category Two tickets (end  view, South End)

Real Madrid expected team: Diego Lopez, Coentrao, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso, Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ozil, Di Maria, Benzema 

Manchester United expected team: Dea Gea, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Rafael, Cleverley, Carrick, Kagawa, Rooney, Valencia, Van Persie

Our Tweetcastor’s predicted final result:  Real Madrid 0 – Manchester United 0

Prematch Blog by our commentweetor

The eyes of the football world are firmly set on the Bernabeu Stadium tonight. Man Utd take on Real Madrid in a mouthwatering fixture. Both teams have something to prove however. Real’s policy of heavy investment in fairly mediocre players will be put to the test as  Manager José Mourinho (described a fairground barker  by top Spanish author Javier Marias) tries to save his reputation by taking Real nearer to the 10th European Champions trophy that they never stop talking about. Mourinho prefers to talk in terms of HIS  third Champions Trophy.

Most people believe that Mourinho will have to go immediately if Man Utd lose this tie. However should they prevail, there is the small matter of the next 3 ties they would have to win to actually become Champions. And that may include lifting David Beckham’s new PSG shirt.  If Mourinho can clinch his THIRD (I mean Real Madrid’s TENTH) he will also have to go, but Florentino Perez will be much relieved as he will then have some cash and kudos in the bank to pay Mou’s hefty removal fee. So it’s a three way battle tonight, Real v Mourinho v Man U. A thrilling battle in prospect.

Fergie’s lads are riding high this season at home and hoping to Van Persie their way up the Euro ratings. However, I am sure I am not the only one who constantly re-watches their gubbing by Bilbao last year on YouTube – a stark reminder of what can happen on European nights. Gary Neville has gone out on a limb to say that Ronaldo will be the danger man for Real Madrid. The quick diagonal ball from Xavi Alonso and the guile of Ozil will also be a defining feature of Madrid’s play. Let’s hope neither Modric nor Kaka get a game.

Much may lie in the buttery grasp of  the  lithe David De Gea ( “Soft Fists” for a nasty El Pais columnist this morning) – a few of Ronnie’s wicked dippers and Benzema toe booter from 25 yards may see him in trouble, or more likely some tantalising crossing by Ozil or Di Maria. Modric is unlikely to prove much of a handful for Davie, however.

The great news for football purists is that Pepe appears to be back, after a lightning recovery from his ankle injury. Is he match fit though ? At the other end, similar question marks over Ferdinand’s pace against the mighty Ronnie, and the occasionally devastating Benzema. The real bad news for Man Utd would be if Higuaín was on up against Rio, but H is not one of Mou’s favourites despite being maybe Real Madrid’s best plater.  Mourinho has installed an impressive sense of niggling and hatred amongst his players, but Big Chief  Black Sheep Sergio Ramos (whose dislike for José is one of his few redeeming charactersistics) keeps his place.  It wouldn’t be a biggy at the Berny without a few Sergio R headers against the bar, so look out Davie Soft Fists.

I’d like to tweet out to the bar staff at O’Neills’s near Puerta del Sol. They did a great job in funnelling pints to me last night through a sickening pile of fat Manchester yobboes. The rogue reds love a Euro occasion and appear to use social media to group together before matches so they can sing nasty songs.  Wjhat a waste of a Blackberry. I am sure Madrid police are preparing their classic horseback charge 33 mnutes before kick off however  (Calle Concha Espina – South end of Bernabeu stadium for charge-lovers) – which should sort them out.

Tweet by Tweet – how it happened

Tuesday: legions of rogue red foot soldiers occupying the monuments and fountains of central Madrid…..
The good people of Madrid are forced to hopscotch over the fans splayed out along Gran Via, as they hurry to their Monday morning nightmare
Rogue reds are arriving at all checkpoints by plane train and boat, then moving on to Madrid by bus and train…
…to many Madrileños frighteningly redolent of the Battle of Madrid in 1936, with Franco and the condor legion arriving from the West….
“No pasarán” the Madrileños cry, this is the last stand for General Mourinho..only final victory, and a TENTH European Cup Win will do…
La decima, the tenth, (yes you are supposed to count the prehistoric ones…)
Wednesday 1530: The tenth is all that can save Mou’s reputation in Spain, where he has been revealed as a #fairgroundbarker by top author Javier Marias
I’ve just stumbled out of an excellent Chinese restaurant down in Calle Ferraz and am heading to La Latina for some pre-match beer
Respect to Ma Chang down at Akasaka and to son Sammy, who pulls off being a Real Madrid fan and a nice guy all at the same time
The atmosphere around the streets of Old Madrid is electric
Big bellied Man U fans throng together bobbing up and down humming “Kicking the Blues..” a type of obese choir
It’s vaguely disturbing, and I suspect may in fact be how these people lost their virginity….
There is certainly no need for the good families of Madrid to lock up their daughters…
“Kickin the Blues, Kickin the Blues” they hum…
In a cab now heading up under the viaduct of Calle Segovia, thinking of Plaza de la Paja, where there should be fewer morons…
I’d like to tweet out to Twitmeisters and retweetadores, your messages and thoughts are food and wine
JMac tweets: @SpanishKicks keep it up Jamesie…the chinkie sounded good…
After an afternoon of beer and pacharan in Plaza de la Paja am now in a cab inching slowly toward the mighty mecca of world football
A rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem to be born…
My ticket is safe in my wallet, I am in South Side second tier, just above the Ultras Sur
A key vantage point to guage De Gea’s unreliabity. and great for an early dive into the metro, thence to Malasaña, if it all gets too dull..
Looking forward to a game of pool in Plaza Dos de Mayo after the match
1925: The early arrivers are already waiting impatiently at the gates of the Bernabeu citadel, it’s the older couples that arrive first
They have nothing else to do….
The gates will open at 1930. The crowd will pour in up the spiral towers. It’s all part of the fantastic Real Madrid football ritual.
Man U’s podgy aficionados continue to roll into the ground, some were being casually corralled by helmetted and elegant riot police..
to form a lump of beery fatness, but so far there has been  none of the flash violence that marred many a rougue red away match in the 80s
The red wehrmacht files in, taking up their seats in the upper postage stamp, north-end assigned by their hosts
this has sometimes been referred to, rather optimistically, as the United “end” by many travelling reds, when seeking safe-haven tickets
Meanwhile,  local bankers, burghers, underwiters and abogados leave their office…
..sup a Rioja, stick a Nobel ciggy in an unconfident Madrileño gob, and move on an autowalk up Castellana Boulevard…
Real’s record against English clubs in Europe is poor. They have eliminated Real Madrid only once from the Champions trophy, in 68
Buy tickets for Real Madrid’s next match v Rayo Vallecano at And get this view of the match!
I am tweeting out to Hans, Joe and Osvaldo along at The Irish Rover. Long suffering pint-horsers of the old school, Bravo young bucks!
Man U players come out to warm up, a big cheer, the willowy, frail De Gea cracks his knucks, looks up to where the Atletico fans used to be
Rainer has sms-ed to say he thinks this will be #mourinhoslastmatchatrealmadrid
That would be costly for Florry Perez Rainer
Spanish bookies were offering 5/1 against a Man Utd win. That looked like a good punt to me…
The chap next to me is from Rochdale and staying at Eurobuilding II. I have informed him of the best lap dancing clubs for afterwards…
The atmosphere is building, a seething red hot cauldron, a high tension sub station, struggling to contain its own nuclear energy, phew
Mourinho will throw a molotov of pace at  Ferdinand with Cristiano and Benzema bombing through on fast passing from Alonso and Özil
their objective is to ford El Rio Lento and put the increasingly slim De Gea under extreme waterboard-like psycho torment
JMac tweets: Mourinho:  missin you already!!!
With Vidic sidelined after a night club incident at 0245 last night (he taxied from Pacha to Joy where he had booked VIP Bottle entrance but was dnied entrance at the door), Man Utd’s defensive frailty (and slenderness in goal) may be the key
Kick off only ten mins away, stay tuned, the crowd roars, the world is watching!!!
A lovely warm winter night in Madrid ideal for flair and ok for a mourinho team too
Man u can only hope for a Van Persie meisterstrike, it will be interesting to see how much physical aggression Pepe lands on Red Robbo
Pepe is surely unfit and must only be on to perform a brief clinical extirpation on Van Persie (not Rooney, Pepe might catch something..)
There’s an insipid flag waving moment in the Bernie, the players emerge from the tunnel, De Gea appears to have lost weight…
Ronaldo is wearing Giorgio Armani wetplexx and Tom Ford retro shades, perhaps a nod to Fergie’s anti-Franco, anti-Madridista stance
Real kick off – Pepe is not playing, just Mou’s joke then
Man U stroke the ball via Ronaldo to Khedira who skews it wide of De Gea’s goal. Ronaldo looks up for it!
Benzema and Di Maria combine, looking sharp, but again DM misses the target
5′ Van Persie booked for bitch-slapping Ramos
Coentrao hits the post when Man U fail to clear a corner, MUFC defence in trouble
Real are taking the ball easily through Man U defence and looking more likely to score
The Rochdale guy shows me a Ralph Milne sticker, and appears to like me, hope he’s not following, he offered me a Fisherman’s Friend, I refused…
Man u appear not be reading madrid’s free-roving forwards. Ronaldo forces a corner…
15′ 0-0. Madrid have opened strongly and could have scored
De Gea fails to take a Madrid corner, that is the frailty of “soft fists” that the Madrid journalists have highlighted
Ozil gets far too much space and dribbles through , his shot blocked for a corner.
20′ Man U corner, GOOOOAAAAAL !!!! Welbeck scores with aheader, it’s shocking defending by Sergio Ramios. Again.  0-1.
Houellebecq was the scorer, I mean Welbeck. Ramos was too busy pushing the attacker to go for the ball.
De Gea keeps a low Di Maria raker out, it’s another battle of the D’s, and a corner…”D’YE”??
It’s now a question of confidence for Madrid. They are now under extreme pressure. If they lose this game it’s cortinas
25′ Madrid force a corner, and flimsy Dave grazes the ball away for another corner with his cotton wool fists…
Ronaldo kicks a free kick into the wall and slams at the rebound with left foot. It’s not far away but the overall feeling is of desperation
1-1 GOAL !!!!!  Ronaldo aims a wonderful header past De Gea from Di Maria’s cross from the left. Crissy was about 5 feet off the ground when he connected, what a header!
Energy has surged back into Madrid’s play, this will be the telling phase of play. Madrid want 2 more goals
Pressure from Man Utd with several corners, possession stats must be balanced
Ozil’s shot is blocked by De Gea after an amazing pass by Alonso from a free kick
40′ 1-1
burst through on the right by Di Maria, Jones appears to shove him to the ground, but no penalty is given…
Half Time: 1-1. An exciting match that could go either way.
JMac tweets:  @SpanishKicks thats what she Said To the Fox Last night………
It’s a match that both teams are playing to win, although Man Utd would probably settle for this score…
Second half begins #realmadridvmanutd
Ronnie from Rochdale is back from the lav, my quiet time is over
Man U have a corner, chipped unusually into the box by Rooney
Mac tweets: @SpanishKicks if I were Fergusson I’d bring on Coronel Tommy Bottychild
It’s a gripping match flowing from end to end. Ronaldo, Ozil and Di Maria are key men for Madrid,
while the plump red army way up to my right would like to see Van Persie get more space, you’d expect more goals from this match
55′ 1-1. There is a handful of great players on the pitch who could provide the defining moments of this match, legs tire and space appears
A Van Persie burst from his own box almost sets Welbeck through, fine skill from the Dutchman
Higuaín on Benza off. That makes sense.
#SoftFists keeps the ball out miraculouly, Gordon Banks style, #leaveofftheskinnyman
Now it’s Welbeck who shows pace, almost reaches Madrid’s goal, it’s end to end thrilling stuff. Get tickets for the next UEFA match here!
63′ Kagawa off, Giggs on. What can the spritely Welsh senior do?
Can Giggs pull a rarebit out of a hat?
Di Maria, a sort of Southern Hemisphere Giggsy, motors down the left but crosses carelessly. 3/4 of the game is gone, advan Man U
Dramatic moments as Van Persie hits the bar then sclaffs past Lopez from the pen spot, the ball is cleared
Welbeck off, Valencia on for Man Utd
Incredibly, Modric, who makes De Gea look like Van Damme, is coming on for Di Maria
The clock is ticking and Madrid have slowed, Man U are going to take a good result from the Bernabeu. The use of Modric smacks of desperation and a faulty grasp on reality, but not as faulty as if it was Kaka…
RM need 2 goals in 10 mins to avoid a Mou’s last stand motif at Old T, a game that comes only 3 days after El Clasico at the Bernabeu….
Get yourself outta that one, Special One…
Pepe comes on from Alonso. And Rooney removes Roonie (to protect him from Pepe?) Anderson is on….
87′ Valencia booked for elbowing Ramos
Madrid look too static, unable to slice through the Man U defence, but what would you expect with Pepe and Modric on to make the play?
JMac tweets in:  @SpanishKicks Michael Robinson was screaming about Madrid being estatico when u wrote this…. Great minds etc.
This is Fergie’s coup de grâce to Jock Mourinho
End of match 1-1. The ref fails to allow Man U to take a final corner
Full time 1-1. Man Utd get a result
Great match but I am off to La Via Lactea in Malasaña. And get a way from the Rochdale boy…
JMac tweets in to say @SpanishKicks say hello to Shausea in Malasaña…..Thanks for all your tweets and retweets and comments and messages. It’s been a blast, again and I can’t wait for the next live Twatcast. This is James Bogie  @SpanishKicks……

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