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Going to the Game – Matchday in Barcelona

Going to the Game – Matchday in Barcelona

For football fans the world over, a visit to the Camp Nou on match day is an experience not to be missed. A pilgrimage to a temple of footballing greatness and one of the most popular trips for footy loving groups and stag dos heading to Spain.

And why not?

Combining your stag shenanigans with a match at the home of one of Europe’s elite teams is pretty much the golden ticket isn’t it? A chance to witness first hand some of the greatest names in world football – Messi, Neymar, Suarez et al – with a day and night out in one of the most sophisticated party cities in the world.

Just let your mind wander into this Carlsberg kind of days:

The Morning

An easy start to the day, maybe a wander along the front at Barceloneta, take in the fresh sea air and clear the head from the night before. Stop off at one of the beach side cafe bars for a bit of stomach lining breakfast (maybe a cheeky lager – you’re on holiday after all) and readiness for a long day ahead.

A Bit of Culture

OK, before the sporting artistry and the latter artistry of an entirely different kind maybe you could spare a bit of time to cleanse your soul with a bit of culture and history with a visit to the stunning Catholic Church, Sagrada Familia.

This remarkable building is the masterpiece of its architect, Antoni Gaudi and is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, if not across Europe as a whole. Blending art nouveau with a classic Gothic style you can take in its splendour before the festivities to ensue across the rest of the day.

Your First Trip to Camp Nou

After your visit to the iconic church, your next stop could (probably should) be to visit the cathedral of footballing excellence itself at the Camp Nou.

Yes, the match might be hours away yet but this early visit represents a great chance to take in the awesome surroundings of this grand old stadium. Take the tour if you can and have a stroll around the ultra-impressive club museum where you can get close to all the paraphernalia as well as a Champions League trophy or two.

Early Dining

As we count down to game time it’s time to re-fuel and get yourself in the zone for the action to come.

A stone’s throw from the stadium (TIP: DON’T THROW STONES!) is the Futbol Bar Restaurante. Serving some classic pub grub (with a Spanish twist) this venue will get you in the mood for the match as you eat and sup a few cold beers in a true footy fans pre-match Spanish boozer.

Get Your Game Face On

It’s time!

Make your way to the stadium, immerse yourself among the impassioned fans and take your seats in the towering stands of this incredible iconic arena as the legends take the field. Watch the best footballers in world football, up close and personal at one of THE footballing experiences anywhere in the world.

Post-Match Revelry

Well, the match is over but in Barcelona, the night is young.

Maybe a taxi ride to Port Olimpic and a chance to sample some of the classiest club scenes on the continent or perhaps back to Barceloneta and the uber-cool CLDC. Whichever way you roll the choice of after-dark, after midnight grown-up partying is immense offering you the perfect ending to a sumptuously perfect day.

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