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Barcelona 2 Deportivo 0 Match Report

Barcelona 2 Deportivo 0 Match Report

Messi Barcelona AC Milan match ticketsA win for Barcelona against bottom team Deportivo. Barcelona started with Messi and Iniesta on the bench, at last opting for width with Alexis and Alves on the right, Tello on the left, and Song as a deep midfielder. This was a refreshing change but Villa and Fabregas were too hesitant in front of goal.

In the end it was an impressive header by Alexis and a virtuoso goal by substitute Messi that won the match (Messis’ 17th consecutive Liga goal – a new record).  With outstanding play from Alves, Alexis, and Tello, and the stamp of quality at the end from Iniesta and Messi Barcelona restored some confidence before the big UEFA Champions match v AC Milan on Tuesday.  There is no doubt they have the fire power to turn the UEFA tie around. Much will depend on their mental approach and killer instinct in front of goal.

FC Barcelona v Deportivo (L)a Coruña, La Liga, Saturday 9th March, 2013

Stadium: Camp Nou, Barcelona

Guest reporter/blogger: James Bogie. (Type of ticket and seating: Category Two, end view, North End)

Barcelona team  4-3-3:  Pinto,  Alves, Puyol, Mascheran o, Montoya, Thiago, Song, Fabregas, Tello, Villa, Alexis. Coach: Roura

Deportivo expected team: 4-2-3-1: Aranzubia, Ayoze, Insúa, Aythami, Sílvio, Aguilar, Assunçao, Pizzi, Valerón, Gama, Oliveira. Manager: Fernando Vazquez,

Our Tweetcastor’s predicted final result: Barcelona 2 – Deportivo 1

Prematch Blog by our commentweetor

Once proud Deportivo are locked in a relegation struggle, but were unlucky to lose to Real Madrid at home two weeks ago (the Kaka resurrection match). Valdez is out after his display of hot-headedness at the end of last week’s clasico, giving Pinto (the King’s Cup keeper) his first start in La Liga this season.

Barcelona fans are hoping to see some tactical changes from caretaker manager Jordi Roura to shake Barcelona out of their recent lethargy, or at least to prove they do have a trick up their sleeve.  Song will start in the line-up but many are crying out for Tello to replace Alexis.  Xavi is out with an arm fracture and will not, it appears, make the Milan game. Iniesta will probably be rested for this match.

Tweet by Tweet – How it happened

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Just stumbling out of El Glop in Gracia Barcelona, had a calçots and the romarescu sauce
The waiter was a good lad, not your typical cuntalan, he informes us that Rangers are losing 2-0 at home to Annie Lennox
Annie not Bobby
Just entering Chatelet for a few bottles of Moritz them into the cab to the Camp Nou, the butifarra was marvellous…
Boat Rental in Spain 20 Category Three tickets for the #CampNou just delivered to a happy (and already tipsy) stag group in #Barcelona! #SpanishKicks
biglietti per barcellona-milan…
Boat Rental in Spain Cracking day for a baby bull run in Barcelona! #SpanishKicks
FCB are putting out a rallying cry through their web and faxed messages to supporters clubs
“We can still qualify” is the gist, with the fans help. Smacks of corporate desperation, more like Real Madrid
The sky is notably darker over the Nou Camp, with vultures circling around waiting for Tuesday
spanishkicks Also to #madridstagdo baby bull runners Jason and Tez, hope you cut an ear or two lads
spanishkicks There are hundreds of Milan fans in Barcelona already, gathering in the fountains amd squares before Tuesday’s biggie
spanishkicks Their hosts appear to have forgiven that Mussolini bombing of Barcelona in 39, I suppose Benito was not as bad as Silvio…
Tweeting respect to Miriam and the Depor fans who gathered in a fountain on Paseo de gracia last night..they are die hards indeed
although many fancy the chances of Depor against Roura’s Barcelona…and some are even betting on Atletico for La Liga (not Atleti fans )
There’s a a fin de saison feel around Old Barcelona, it’s like a BBC2 adaptation of Thomas Mann, I am expecting a consumptive Dirk Bogard
…to run out int the blaugrana top
sperky @SpanishKicks James wasnt it Cholera, Death in Venice?
Thanks sperky
Pep has just ordered three Manhattans with the taxi waiting outside…Skoda
FT score at Ibrox:  Rangers 1 Atletico de Annan 2
Ok we’ve necked the manhattans and now in the cab. Driver predicts another barça shocker, 1-1….
sperky @SpanishKicks And Dirk B was not exactly BBC2, more Bertolucci…
Barcelona people are great fatalists, ever since they lost Sicily and Sardinia, I say 6-1. Awful traffic on Diagonal
The mighty Camp Nou is packed already, the fans glad to get a last view of the great Barcelona before Tuesday’s  final demise
Tweeting out to all Turkish Barcelona fans, we are sitting next to Birol and Neslehan from Izmir and they are wishing Galatasaray a trip here
Rumours that Messi may retire after today #messiretirement
Sorry I meant McCoist
Boat Rental in Spain 35 tickets for #CampNou delivered to four stag dos and a group holiday, they’ll all be taking their seats in the stadium now! #SpanishKicks
They have asked me to tweet out to all the regulars at Super in Beyoglu and the staff at the #knockingshop in the basement, sounds good!
My catalan is not perfect but the barsa fans are baying for milan to be brought before them…
And for the return of Venables as caretaker till the medics give Tito the all clear…
I dont think it’s that bad, and it’s not as if they have drawn Dundee United in the cup… #1987barcelona1dundeeutd2
10′ before match: The prematch and butifarra has been extremely exciting, the Nou Camp is a Fiesta with the depor fans adding to the din
Apologies for poor spelling and inexpert use of the #hashtagsymbol
This is goally Pinto’s first league match of the season…and maybe last
Kick Off KO FCB kick off into the last puff of Catalunya’s winter’s all sea, sand, mojitos and bronzed boobs from here on, says Pique…
Iniesta sits on the bench, I am sure he’ll be on later
Min 5 5′ Opening stages barsa line up eith Puyol and Song. Song could be the man who can sabe Barcelona in UEFA
Barca has Tello on the left and Song shoring up at the back, that is the teams many fans have been calling for
But Alexis is still there, and even his mum and dad have been heard calling for him to be dropped
Barsa are playing more to the flanks, and that can only be good
Min 10 10′ 0-0 Barcelona possession, moves down the wings, but no goal chances so far
Long ball from Alves fond Cesc on space on the box but he blasts over the bar, with Messi droing at the mouth 10 metres infield
Min 15 15′ 0-0 all Barcelona eho look likely to score soon
Min 24 24′ Villa is ean through but misses a sitter, Messi would have buried that one…
With messi on the bench alexis is relishing his freedom. and Thiago is. charged with coming of age in the absence of Xavi
Min 30 30′ 0-0  a fair showing from Barcelona without messi or Iniesta, but no goal.
Alexis.  Villa, Cesc need a goal to boost their confidence, but a 0-0 scorine at half time will surely bring Messi on
Min 37 – Goal 37′ 1-0 Alexis heads home impressively from a Dani Alves cross
Good work by Alexis and Tello but Villa cant get the ball on target
Them Villa bursts through and is narrowly offside after a 1-2 with Alexis
Half Time HT 1-0. Some signs of tactical improvemt from Barcelona. Some cohesion between Villa Alexis and Tello.
But is this a fallback team to rest Iniesta and Messi. or is it a tweak in playing style? Fiddle or bow with new string?
FCB still need goals to get the morale boost they need before the Milan game
Mr and Mrs Tuzeman are delighted with the match and Camp Nou atmosphere but hoping for Messi, istiyorum tesekur ederim, iyi eylenceler
This looks like a trial to see which of Tello, Villa Alexis will play alongside Messi on Tuesday
I’d expect Barsa to finish the match with  their starting line up for Tuesday. And so would the hordes of tourists at this match
Will they get a no Messi refund? Will I for that matter?
Min 50 50′ Barcelona still knocking the ball around
Min 55 55′ 1-0 Messi is warming up now.
Min 60 60′ 1-0 Barcelona appear to have dropped the pace compared with first half, a dull 10 mins, Depor having no difficulty mopping up
Min 61 61′ Messi on Villa off
Min 66 66′ Iniesta on Thiago off, The Sarria coffe slurper is replaced by the genius of Rosario
Barsa need a rousing last 20 mins. The second half has been a disappointment, this is far from the rousing preparatory match they wanted
Deportivo are enjoying their best phase of play but have not threatened Barcelona’s goal
Min 75 75′ Messi has the ball in the net but was offside after an Iniesta shot from outide the box
eddie rae @SpanishKicksBarca making hard work of Galician used to bes….
eddie rae @SpanishKicksMilan already pondering CL quarter-final tactics. Nou Camp could be a chance to give some of the youths team a run-out…
Min 85 85′ 1-0
Min 87 Goal 87′ 2-0 Goooooaaaallll!!!!!   Messi’s stamp of genius at last as he takes the ball outide the box combines with Alexis and chips non chalantly over the goalkeep
Iniesta and messi came on to polish up an otherwise drab Barsa performance. This team cam win by 3 on Tuesday, there is no doubt
eddie rae @SpanishKicksMessi ignoring the “no ball games here” sign and just trying stuff before he goes home for his tea..
Full Time Full Time 2-0.
I am heading for El Born to meet Melissa and Frank on a football trip to Spain. I will also get ratarsed. Looking forward to Tuesday….
eddie rae @edwardrae2 @spanishkicksHutton for Mallorca. When was the last time a mighty scot bestrode La Liga?
Purple leaves in May, singed by a pantograph
RT @edwardrae2: @SpanishKicksMessi ignoring the “no ball games here” sign and just trying stuff before he goes home for his tea..
eddie rae @SpanishKicksBest to Melissa..
GezginHatun @HighFive_SE La Liga mac biletleri @SpanishKicks te.

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