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Barcelona Tickets 2017/2018 – Fixtures and Prices

Buying Barcelona tickets for all of the blaugrana home games during the 2017/18 season is easy with Spanish Kicks.

Match day Date* Time Home Team Away Team Cat 3 Cat 2 Cat 1 Premium
5 20-09-2017 TBD Barcelona Eibar €85 €99 €139 €155
7 01-10-2017 TBD Barcelona Las Palmas €89 €105 €155 €171
UEFA CHAMPIONS 18-10-2017 20:45 Barcelona Olimpiakos €95 €115 €169 €185
9 22-10-2017 TBD Barcelona Malaga €95 €115 €169 €185
11 05-11-2017 TBD Barcelona Sevilla €115 €139 €199 €219
14 03-12-2017 TBD Barcelona Celta €95 €115 €169 €185
UEFA CHAMPIONS 05-12-2017 TBD Barcelona Sporting Lisboa €105 €125 €179 €195
16 17-12-2017 TBD Barcelona Deportivo €95 €115 €169 €185
18 07-01-2018 TBD Barcelona Levante €95 €115 €169 €185
21 28-01-2018 TBD Barcelona Alavés €95 €115 €169 €185
23 11-02-2018 TBD Barcelona Getafe €95 €115 €169 €185
25 25-02-2018 TBD Barcelona Girona €95 €115 €169 €185
27 04-03-2018 TBD Barcelona Atletico Madrid €135 €159 €209 €229
29 18-03-2018 TBD Barcelona Athletic Bilbao €95 €115 €169 €185
31 08-04-2018 TBD Barcelona Leganés €95 €115 €169 €185
32 15-04-2018 TBD Barcelona Valencia €115 €139 €199 €219
34 22-04-2018 TBD Barcelona Villarreal €115 €139 €199 €219
36 06-05-2018 TBD Barcelona Real Madrid €550 €725 €875 €975
38 20-05-2018 TBD Barcelona Sociedad €139 €165 €219 €239

*Dates for Barcelona tickets shown are provisional. Dates shown are the Sundays of each match day weekend. Games may also be played on Saturdays or Fridays.  Definitive dates and kick off times are announced approx 15 days before each match.

FC Barcelona Tickets 2017/2018

Barcelona tickets With the La Liga fixtures already announced, you can start planning your Camp Nou experience for the upcoming games straight away.

FC Barcelona clinching the Copa Del Rey last season but fell prey, yet again, to Zidane’s impressive Real Madrid in La Liga (Sànish league championship).

The front three of Neymar, Suarez and Messi, supported ably by all time great Iniesta, and the likes of Rakitic and Arda, look set to aim for more striking records this year.

Camp Nou is one of the most distinguished football stadiums in the world. Its capacity of nearly 100,000 makes it the largest in Spain, packed with passionate Catalonians for big domestic and Champions League games.

Lionel Messi Barcelona ticketsWatching the talents of Lionel Messi, a player widely considered to be the greatest ever, is just one reason alone to buy FC Barcelona tickets. If he can inspire his team to another season like last then fans are in for some fantastic football and plenty of goals.

New Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde will have his work cut out to match Real Madrid this season and to emulate the great achievements of Luis Enrique or the feats of Barcelona legend Pep Guardiola.  It looks set to be another fantastic Liga and UEFA season in Barcelona.

Seating Areas and Barcelona Ticket Categories

The terms Category 1, 2 ,3 and so on are the most commonly used in the marketplace to describe types of seating available at Spanish matches, and the relative quality (and therefore price) of each area of a ground. However, do not expect to find these terms printed on  tickets in Spain.

This diagram shows the categories of tickets available at FC Barcelona´s Camp Nou Stadium:

Barcelona tickets - Camp Nou Seating

To help you decide, We use the following Category definitions:

Category One Premium Tickets (Cat 1 Premium)

Your seats will be in the most central sections in the lower half of the stadium, side view (see stadium plan). These are the most central Cat 1 seats and the best tickets available.

Category One Tickets (Cat 1)

Your seats will be in the best areas in the lower half of the stadium, side view. One of the following will be marked on your ticket: Lateral 1ª, Lateral 2ª or Tribuna.

Category Two Tickets (Cat 2)

Upper Side view, or lower Goal End view. Your seats will either be side view (but higher up than Cat 1) or the best seats of Goal End View. The following will be marked on your ticket:

– Side View: Lateral 3, or

– End View: Gol Nord 1, Gol Nord 2 or Gol Sur 1 or Gol Sur 2.

Category Three Tickets (Cat 3)

Upper End View (higher up than the Cat 2 seats).  The following will be marked on your tickets: Gol Nord 3 or Gol Sur 3.

Are there any extra charges for tickets like local taxes?

Well, the answer is NO! Unlike ticket sites like Viagogo, what you see on this page is what you will pay. We do not approve of “hidden charges” (as in, when you get to the end of the payment process and are about to enter your card details, you see the price has suddenly gone up by 15% !).

More on Spanish Football Tickets, Seating and Delivery

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How to get to the Camp Nou Stadium Barcelona ?

Map and instructions here.

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