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Atletico Madrid Football Tickets

Atletico Madrid Football Tickets and Fixtures

Buy Atletico Madrid football tickets for all Atleti’s home matches in 2018 – 2019 at the fantastic brand new Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.  This table also shows away matches played by Atletico in the Madrid area. These are marked (A).

Rates do not include local VAT (21%)

Match day Date* Time* Home Team Away Team Cat 4 Cat 3 Cat 2 Cat 1
15 09-12-2018 TBD Atletico Madrid Alavés €55 €79 €99 €119
17 22-12-2018 TBD Atletico Madrid Espanyol €55 €79 €99 €119
19 13-01-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Levante €55 €79 €99 €119
21 27-01-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Getafe €65 €89 €125 €139
23 10-02-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Real Madrid ASK ASK ASK ASK
24 17-02-2019 TBD Rayo Vallecano Atletico Madrid (A) €59 €85 €115 €135
25 24-02-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Villarreal €69 €95 €125 €149
27 10-03-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Leganés €59 €85 €115 €135
30 03-04-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Girona €59 €85 €115 €135
32 14-04-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Celta €59 €85 €115 €135
34 28-04-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Valencia €89 €109 €139 €155
35 05-05-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Valladolid €69 €95 €125 €149
36 19-05-2019 TBD Atletico Madrid Sevilla ASK ASK ASK ASK

*Dates shown are provisional. Dates shown are the Sundays of each match day weekend.  Games may also be played on Saturdays or Fridays. Definitive dates and kick off times are announced approx 15 days before each match.

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    Booking Atletico Madrid football tickets

    Buying tickets for all of Atletico Madrid home games during the 2018/19 season is easy with Spanish Kicks. With the La Liga fixtures already announced, you can start planning your visit to the new stadium.  Get your Atletico Madrid football tickets here and see La Liga, UEFA and Copa del Rey at the new Wanda Metropolitan Stadium. Enjoy Diego Simeone’s sensational Atletico team including World Cup Champion Antoine Griezmann. You know they will be challenging hard for another Spanish League title!

    Seating Areas and Ticket Categories – Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

    atletico madrid football ticketsThe terms Category 1, 2 ,3 & 4 are the most commonly used in the marketplace to describe types of seating available at Spanish matches, and the relative quality (and therefore price) of each area of a ground.

    However, do not expect to find these terms printed on Atletico Madrid football or other tickets for Spanish matches. This is because each stadium traditionally uses its own categorisations and signage.

    To help you decide, we use the following Category definitions:

    Category One Tickets (Cat 1)

    Your seats will be in the lower half of the terracing, with side view (see stadium plan). These are the best tickets available.

    Category Two Tickets (Cat 2)

    Upper Side view. Your seats will be side view, higher up than Cat 1, in the higher half of the terracing.

    Category Three Tickets (Cat 3)

    Lower Goal End view. Your seats will be the best seats of Goal End View (lower half of the terracing).

    Category Four Tickets (Cat 4)

    Upper End View (higher up than the Cat 3 seats).


    Atletico Madrid

    Atletico Madrid Football Tickets Ronaldo and KokeAtlético Madrid have emerged as genuine title contenders for both the La Liga and Champions League in recent years. Building from a tight defence and constantly denying the opposition space, they muscled in on the big two of Spanish football by winning the league back in the 2013/14 season.

    Quite remarkably, they also reached the Champions League final that same season and two years later, only to be pipped by their Madrid neighbours in both matches.

    Fernando and Griezmann show why Atletico Madrid football tickets is a good idea !Atlético Madrid are billed as the archetypical underdogs of Spanish football, relying on a comparatively smaller budget than other leading European names. Their fans take pride in this approach and produce passionate support during home games.

    You can experience this overwhelming atmosphere by buying tickets for La Liga games during the 2018/19 season.


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