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6 Reasons You NEED To Go To El Classico in 2015-16

6 Reasons You NEED To Go To El Classico in 2015-16

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If you’re a discerning footy lover then, frankly, a visit to an El Classico encounter should feature pretty prominently on your bucket list. But in case you require a little more persuasion, here’s a few more reasons why next season should be the time you get yourself over to Spain to witness one of the sport’s true titanic encounters.


No fixture can guarantee goals 100% but, of all the huge club fixtures that take place throughout Europe, El Clasico is the one that you can usually rely upon for great goals and plenty of them.

In all encounters between the two clubs since 2010 the average number of goals scored is more than 3.5 per match with only 1 match (the 2011 Spanish Cup Final) finishing 0-0 after 90 minutes.

Indeed, not only are there usually goals but the fixture is also prone to churning up some absolute goal fests. Barcelona’s dramatic 4-3 win at the Bernabeu in 2014 for example, or their 6-2 and 5-0 drubbings from ’09 and ’10 respectively. Or not forgetting some classic Real tonkings of the old enemy (4-1 in ’08, 4-2 in ’05 for example).

Really Good Goals

Bale’s stunning winner in the Copa Del Rey final of 2014? Messi’s wonder goal in the Champions League semi of 2011? Year after year some of the world’s best players turn out for these 2 great clubs and year after year they seem to produce goals of the very highest order.


We try to deny it but the reality is we all like a good dose of the controversial in our big matches don’t we?

And EL Clasico tends to serve it up by the ladle load.

From Real’s accusations of racism against Barca players in 2011 to alleged interference from the Franco dictatorship before Real’s (in)famous 11-1 drubbing of Barcelona in the 1940s the tie has always walked a fine line between brilliant and bonkers.

The Fans

You could spend your time ignoring the match and simply watching the reaction of the fans if that was your thing. As you’d imagine, these matches mean a lot to the fans – really, a lot. And their reaction to wins, losses, heroes and villains are a sight to behold.

You see, there’s many a set of supporters who get labelled pig-headed but when Luis Figo turned out for Real after his move from Barcelona it was an actual pig head that was thrown in his direction as fans used a somewhat bizarre way to show their displeasure.

Football’s A List Cast

Let’s get down to the brass tacks – if you want to watch a match showcasing the best talents on the planet then there really is no match like it. Take a look along the team sheet of either side and it’s like a teenager’s fantasy FIFA 11 from their Xbox. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Bale, Suarez, Iniesta, James Rodriguez are already fixtures in this, er, fixture. But you can be sure that by the time the next match rolls into town there’ll be a litany of new stars joining the ensemble.

But who? Pogba? De Gea? Akinfenwa?

The Stadiums

Whether Camp Nou or the Bernabeu, an El Clasico encounter at either of these iconic amphitheatres are unique events in the sporting world. 90,000 arms waving Real fans or 100,000 bouncing Barca fans creating an occasion the like of which you cannot find anywhere else in football as the players take the field. These are the modern day coliseums, venues that all football fans should get to at least once. So why not make it the biggest game of them all?

El Clasico!




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